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RtF2022...not so much. Maybe 2023

Rock the Farm 2022

Due to health issues, life issues, world issues- We just can't make it work in August  2022... Let's try again in 2023.

Friday August - Setup and extended sound check starting around 3:00 pm

Update: for those coming on Friday. We will be having a spaghetti feed. I will be cooking up my own sauce ( both meatless and meat-ed) We'll throw down on some bread and green salad. Dinner around 7:00 pm.


Update: If you know you are coming on Friday please send me an email or drop me a note, or carrier pigeon me an RSVP. If you just don't know, no biggie there will be plenty I am sure.


For those staying Friday night we will have a continental breakfast Saturday. Fruit, bagels, schmeer, cold cereal, and such, coffee, tea and the like.


Saturday August - First band at noon; Then at 3:00 pm. Then  6:00 pm and finally at 9:00 pm Bahttsi.

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